Always always jump for joy

I am not a jumper. On the volleyball court, I am a setter. On the track, I threw a javelin, did not run hurdles or even attempt high jump. Basketball, I was a point guard. A handler in frisbee.
But I love to jump in photos.
For all my dancer friends, I only have 1 style of jump. Arms out, feet to butt, big smile. I don't even think this jump has a name other than "take my photo jumping". A lot of people do it. Most of you do it with more technique than I could ever muster. But I will still continue to jump.
This is one of my favourites from my trip so far, taken in the S.E.A. Aquarium on Sentosa Island in Singapore. It was a perfect picture window and it begged to be jumped in front of.
Here's the thing about jumping. It makes me smile. It makes those taking the photo smile. I saw a few old ladies smiling today at me as I landed awkwardly giggling to myself. So like I said, I will continue to jump.


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