Barong and Legong Dance

On my last night in Bali, I'm taking a moment to reflect on some amazing sights checked off my to-do list while in this part of Indonesia. My visit wouldn't have been complete without at least a few traditional dance shows on the list.  So, even though the Kecak Dance was the hotel variety show, we did manage to see two other more "authentic" versions - at least in terms of the settings.

First was the Barong Dance - performed in the morning - a tale of a tiger and monkey consiprators, the underworld, a woman who needed rescuing and immortality. Told in 5 acts, it was a play, a dance, comedy and tragedy all rolled into one. Every costume and character was more outrageous than the last and even my 3 1/2 year old cousin screamed along in joy with the performance.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing an evening performance of the Legong Dance. Every village has their own version, which is a series of short stories told through all female dancers. This version of Legong was held at the most stunning outdoor theatre, which under a full moon was truly breathtaking. I, unfortunately, volunteered myself on stage at the end of the show and proceeded to clod around these beautiful lithe dancers and their golden costumes.  I quickly took myself and my tourist flip-flops back to my seat to enjoy the rest of the show leaving it to these professionals.

I truly have enjoyed every minute to this culture, people and experiences. The next few stops on my journey will be all familiar ones, but ones that I look forward to getting back to.

Bali, I know this won't be the last time I see you, but for now thank you for this short experience.


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