Crafting Batik

Doing my tourist duty, visited the Craft Batik factory and store in Penang, Malaysia. Unfortunately, we caught the artists on their lunch, but we were still able to visit the factry floor and see how Batik is still being made by hand. Calling it an art form is an understatement. The work that these artists do freehand is unbelievable! Such beautiful and intricate designs are really hard to describe until you see them live. Each design is hand drawn in wax and then hand coloured with dyes. There are also tin forms used for repetitive patterns and multi-step process of waxing and colouring to achieve the layers. As soon as I saw the paints, wax and fabric, I just wanted to dive in and create something of my own. One of those things that I need to put on the list to explore as I continue to do my own designs.


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