Food Overdose

Just a few welcoming snacks
The moment we set foot in my aunt's house in Ipoh, Malaysia, we have been fed 24-7. Snacks, water, fruit, Chinese New Year cakes and it hasn't stopped. But that is to be expected as we travel through. Food in every culture is so important to show appreciation, love, richness and welcoming. And if the food is any indication, I am a very fortunate individual.
Each bite I am taking is a flash-back to my childhood - with tastes like I haven't had in years. It definitely has re-energized me to look at cooking differently when I get home.
And it's not only in the food - it's the way food is served and the joy of everyone's face when you taste something so good. At the Kopi Tiam today (coffee shop) so many people came by to ensure we were enjoying our meals, and I was so appreciative of the pride that everyone had in the simplest of things.
Its that simple enjoyment that I have missed so much. At home, we are often rushing around just trying to feed ourselves in between appointments, classes, work that we fail to appreciate the simple beauty in food like they do here.
It's a nice reminder to take a moment to savour.


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