I am woman

Women are really important here in Bali.  One woman in each household is dedicated to ensuring the offerings at the family spirit houses are always kept up to date (often multiple times a day).  Also, women are a central part of every Balinese dance, even though some might play the typical heroines, there are always other strong female characters showing up throughout the stories. And, as I was playing tourist today, I saw mostly women working at market stalls, serving in restaurants and like this photo, riding in the back of a rice delivery truck. What's interesting about this, however, is that most artisans that I saw carving wood or stone were men. So while the women tend to all other aspects of life, am I to believe that men are able to pursue the arts in the Balinese traditions? Granted, my observations were based in only a few days in Bali so far, but the evidence is mounting in favour of women holding it together for Bali. Go ladies!


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