I wish I were an old man

I spotted these men in a Coffee Shop (Kopi Tiam) in Ipoh, Malaysia. I could have watched them all day. They didn’t seem in any hurry, although it seemed they were dressed for work that morning. All they had to eat was coffee, but they lingered, chatted, said hi to others passing in and out of the café and just seemed to enjoy their spot. 
I filled in their story a little bit on my own as I watched them: I think they were school friends, having grown up around the corner from each other. They meet every few mornings for coffee when they can, but work and family life sometimes prevents it. But every time they meet, time passes quickly and the coffee runs cold before they have a chance to finish it.
I love Malaysian coffee shops. I saw so many interesting people to watch, I only wish I had more time to spend with them to fill in other stories.


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