Meet Raja, Yousef and Krisna

Raja came from around a corner into us as we were touring the Jodie O'Shea orphanage ( He said "hello!', saw the camera and then went straight for it. But this kid was a pro, he took the camera strap around his neck first and then proceeded to take as many photos as he could running around the buildings. It was only a few minutes but it was a quick encounter of many that day that will last with me.

As I wrote earlier, finding this orphanage was a chance meeting based on a random facebook comment. It lead to this wonderful day when I got to see the generous donations turn into real things that will have impact. I can't even begin to explain how well cared for and happy these kids are. Around every corner kids were being kids - it was that simple. As we toured art rooms, reading rooms, play and eating areas the staff were proud to point out how all of this came together based on donations and care from people all over the world. And when tragedies create new lives like this, they no longer seem like tragedies.

Other than just visiting the orphanage, we also had the pleasure of taking the donations and turning them into a grocery shopping trip. My guides into a Balinese "Costco" were Yousef (13) and Krisna (12) along with our driver/translator Ali. They were so self-sufficient!! I have never seen kids this young look over fish so carefully and then only choose the most perfect ones to bring home. It only goes to show how much they are being cared for. The best moment however was seeing the two boys interact with each other on the trip. I couldn't make out the Bahasa, but the laughter was easy to spot in both of them.

I think I'm still processing the wonderful moments I had today, but as I do, I just want to thank all my friends for making this happen. We were not only were able to buy some food, but we left the orphanage with a lot more money for future food shopping trips over the coming weeks. They are feeding 90 kids, plus staff and volunteers on a daily basis, so the money will go a long way.

Check out Raja's photos here - this kid has got skills - I had better watch out.


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