Old and New

Singapore is a country/state of contrasts. Every time I try to take a photo of a historic building or sign, just above my eye line pops up a beautiful gleaming sky scrapper. Or like in this photo, an old decrepit fishing boat sat sinking while a gorgeous yatch is parked in view.
However, I don't find this sad. In fact, I find this change invigorating. The constant change is wonderful, and S'Pore has a wonderful way of keeping just enough heritage to still be a stunning city. I'm also a huge fan of all the architecture here in the new buildings. They are so completely unique and push the envelope of design in every way.
My favourite building is called the "Interlace" a high-end condo building. I've spotted it a few times but haven't been able to get a good photo of it yet. But check out this link to it and other amazing buildings I've seen: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/nov/07/top-10-building-designs-in-singapore
I'm only here a few more days but looking forward to spotting more old and new contrasts as we continue to revisit the history of my childhood travels.


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