Old Telephone Booths

I remember the first one I photographed with pure intent. It was in Soho, NYC on a girls weekend trip and I had managed to slip away from the overwhelming shopping to wander the streets and take photos.  It was in perfect working order and has fantastic graffiti. I thought at the same moment the shutter clicked about how obsolete this technology was about to be.  Since then, everytime I travel I’ve been noticing them in the strangest spots, just rotting away.
So it’s no surprise in an island of great change like Penang, Malaysia that I’m noticing various telephone booths in stages of decay. I always wonder what the last phone call would have been out of these booths. Likely, because of recent cell phone technology it would have started with “Hey, hello, my handphone battery died…”
I hope that I continue spotting these relics along the way.  I really do enjoy the sight of them and more importantly capturing their remains.


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