on the Beach or ON on the Beach

When my cousin suggested we all have a family dinner on Jimbaran Bay in Bali "on the beach" I thought - "Oh sweet, a nice view from a restaurant overlooking the beach".  NOPE.  She meant ON the beach, tables in the sand, just far enough back from the tide rolling in so we didn't get swept away. She also forgot to mention that it would be the sight of one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen. Deep reds, purples and blues that changed so fast I could barely keep up with my camera.
But as with everything else, there is a dark side that you don't see in this photo above. Trash. The beach was littered with trash that had washed ashore - mostly in the form of plastic wattle bottles. It was ironic that the visitors to this island have created the need to have these restaurants, yet we are also the ones that have pushed this island to the brink of population and consumerism so that they have no where to put their trash but in the sea. Here's the other irony, the sea is the reason most tourists flock to this locale.
Below the sunset

As I was admiring the most gorgeous sunset of my life,  I was also keenly aware of the trash at my feet and at that moment, the sunset lost some of its hue for me.   But if you ignore the trash at your feet, damn look at those colours!


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