End of Vacation: Montreal Pit Stop

Decided to ease our way back out of vacation mode by stopping in Montreal on our way home. LOVE THIS CITY. There is something about the vibe, the language, the people that I have always loved. And because I'm travelling with two others that haven't been here in a long time, I was able to play lead tour guide (a position that I also love being in). But, I made sure to check out places that I have never been before, which leads us to yet another serendipitous moment of having a few hours to kill and deciding to head to a park outside of the city to escape the heat and get some fresh St. Lawrence river air. Again, another unplanned discovery of paths that lead us to some unknown but amazing destination. It's the perfect wrap-up of how this vacation has panned out. Planned enough to know where we were going, but completed unplanned enough to leave us time to take roads that we were just curious to see where they went. Not a bad way to enjoy life, either parce-que la vie est tres belle.


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