Maritimes Day 11: Tech Handi-work

This is my mom's first selfie. I won't tell you how many tries it took. But in the process it reminded me how much technology has changed from the baby boomers to Gen-X and what leaps it continues to make. It also reminded me that I really take for granted how much I rely on it to record my life and create art. So it's great to go back to doing things by hand every once in awhile. Which leads me to my meeting with the Potter Wendy Johnson today at Hopewell Cape, NB. She was born and studied in Toronto and Montreal, but moved "down East" to set up her gallery, studio and beautiful artists haven looking over the Bay of Fundy. I got a quick peak at her studio and was in awe of the work she was doing, but also what hand-work it all was. And I was a little jealous of her space. Needless to say, it made me long for my little studio space back home to get back to work on my own pieces. Check out her work here:


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