Maritimes Day 13: Going crazy in Saint John

I have never been in a more confusing and maddening Canadian city than Saint John, NB. This whole town does not make sense to me. The streets are all askew, lanes disappear across an intersection, there are signs/bushes in the way at every corner that makes seeing oncoming traffic impossible. Yet this is a town of only 65,000 people and it feels like the chaos of Beijing or Paris on the roads. At least, there is not a lot of cars, or else my last minute road maneuvers would lead to some serious accidents. Oh, did I mention that there are also 1-way streets, and a lot of them? I was too busy yelling at the roads to take any photos, so I took this one in the City Market - an equally maddening spot. Let's just say, I wish I was back in sweet PEI.


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