Maritimes Day 14: Love me some boats

I have only been on 3 boats since I've been on the Maritimes - and for an Aquarius like myself that is not nearly enough. I was fortunate to have time this morning to get on my last boat of this trip to go whale watching. Before I go further, we didn't find whales. There is no guarantee with wildlife where they may be and when they may show up.  But we saw a bald eagle nest, porpoises, and harbour seals (in this photo). It reminded me how much I love just being on the water. Whether it's in a kayak, canoe or in this power catamaran, it's one of the most calming moments to have in nature. As we were looking for these huge creatures, it also reminded me about all the life that exists under the water that we rarely get to see. I get why divers do what they do. I get why I still get drawn to boats every chance I get. And because we saw no whales, we got a voucher to come back another time to see them again (no expiry date). Now, that's a good boat.


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