Maritimes Day 3: Here Fishy, Fishy

Meet Ross and Jean-Paul. They were my expert guides to catching Mackerel and Cod in North Rustico, PEI. They must hate having to answer the same questions day after day: what's that? (oyster beds), what's that? (a mackerel), what's that? (it's how we say debit "Devit"), what's that? (it's a house that rotates 360 that you can rent). However, as touristy I thought it would be I had the most genuine, lovely conversations while trying to not look totally out of place catching anything that bites in the Gulf of St Lawrence. I wanted a PEI experience on a boat, and I felt I genuinely had one that I will remember for a long time. And as a bonus, I did catch and cook my own dinner - not bad for a mainlander. Check them out:


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