Maritimes Day 5: Cabot Trail

Tourists are whimps. Or at least the tourists that post reviews on Trip Advisor are.  All I read before leaving to drive the length of the Cabot Trail were warning posts. Don't drive too fast, the roads are treacherous. Don't drive in the rain, you'll skip off into the ocean. Don't drive at night - NO ONE drives at night other than those that liked to be chased by moose. Don't drive in June, July or August because there is a lot of construction.

It was the most beautiful drive I have been on since driving Hwy 1 in California. Yes, there were steep hills, but as long as your stuck to the speed limit, you stayed safely in your lane and on the road. We drove during the day, when there was no rain so we had perfect views the whole way around. No one told us that lobster men would be waving at us from their boats as they pulled out their catches, or that we would fine the most scenic picnic spots ever. No one posted about how many times you can say "wow" coming around a bend to a new view. No one told us how friendly Cape Breton'ers are (they are SO friendly I smiled all day long). I keep saying this, but this won't be the last time I'm here.


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