Maritimes Day 7: My History

The whole reason for this trip was for this mornings journey. In February, 1950 my mom (then 3 years old), arrived via the Beaverbrae ship from The Netherlands into Pier 21, Halifax. After spending most of the day through immigration, she, her younger sister and parents, then boarded a train to Southern Ontario where they decided to set their new life. I had heard bits and pieces of their immigration story through my life. About the farmer that sponsored them, About the very cold/snowy journey across the Atlantic. About the "kist" that contained all their worldly possessions (including a full bedroom set and bikes for the family). About how hard it was over the first few years for the family, moving place to place as they worked on various farms, trying to earn enough money to buy their own plot.  About all the reasons my grandparents decided to make that journey and what it meant to them becoming Canadian. It wasn't until this morning that I realized how important that single family history is in terms of weaving the fabric of this country I call home. Seeing their journey 67 years later, through those same hallways and the same door that they entered, picturing all that history that eventually led to me and my brother. It was beautiful, breath-taking and tear-inducing.  I definitely feel differently about the gift of freedom and opportunity that were give to me by my family and vow never to forget it. 


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