Martimes Day 4 - Sydney

Meet Albert Broussard and his Art Car. This was one of his dream cars to own since he was in the southern US on his honeymoon and saw this 1968 Cadillac and couldn't buy it on the spot because it didn't come with a radio. So at the time, he settle for a Pontiac and regretted his decision ever since "I drove to N'gra falls and nearly burndt my arm'd off, geez, it was so hot on dat windaw". Turn forward to 2012 and he acquired this car, had the wheel fender painted by a local artist to honour his wife and then this took shape over the next 4 years by his own paintbrush. He told us all about his life, his failed businesses, his kids, his grandkids, his 200+ cars he's owned, restored and sold for profit. He also told us about the two years he spent in Toronto where he hated every moment because the people we so rude to him and he couldn't wait to get back to home to Cape Breton "where, geez, evry'bday is noice". Love the East Coast, and their amazing turn of phrases and sense of adventure.


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