Food Obsession

Growing up I thought my family was the only one obsessed with food. Each meal would be accompanied with talk of the next one.  We would spend hours reminiscing about that one meal we had that one time in that one special place and talk about plans on how to return to it. 
We would search a city for the "famous noodle guy that only works between 2 and 4am" or the "cart that has the really really special fried bananas". We'd spend hours going out of our way to hunt down these food treasures in hopes of an special experience or a unique taste not had anywhere else in the world. 
But after coming back to Hong Kong and spending time here I actually don't think we are alone in our food obsessions. Everyone here seems to be on the hunt for a really special meal and they all constantly talk about food. And food itself is both a mundane chore and a really unique experience. 
From the crazy Japanese grocery stores to the local food counters you really can create whatever experience you desire here. I don't know if it's the most healthy way to live but it sure is fun!! 


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