Fresh Life in Bagan

First 24 hours in Myanmar and I’m still not over my confusion. I think maybe the jet-lag from flying into Asia has finally caught up to me and I’m also dealing with the extreme heat. So I’m just taking this slowly (really, that’s all you can do when you have an 8-hour boat ride up the river). It’s also given me a ton of time with very limited access to my phone to just chill out and do nothing. For anyone that knows me, that word is nearly never used in my vocabulary, but it was actually great just to listen to a podcast and do nothing else but listen.
We are staying in New Bagan (not sure which part is new yet, but will update you when I find out). Lucked out to stay in this lush garden hotel just off the main road, down a sandy lane. Tourist season ends Mar.31st officially in Myanmar, so the prices in hotels have dropped and the crowds apparently have thinned out. However there is a huge water festival over the next 3-4 days happening across the country which aligns to Burmese New Year. Starting the 13th we are anticipating being soaked by water fights no mater where we travel to, which is going to be an awesome reprieve from the weather.  Tomorrow morning begins the full tourist mode with an e-bike hire, a map in hand and temple sighting to begin. Will share more once my body clock adjusts and I find another bottle of water. This one is called “Fresh Life” brand with an expiration date of 2015, so not sure how this will go.


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