Home is all relative

Back "home" in Hong Kong as the first part of my journey begins.  I spent 10 years of my life here at such a formative time in my life and because of that it will always remain close to my heart. But I've been away so long now coming back stretches my heart in so many ways. I long for some of the carefree days I spent in this city surrounded by amazing, wordly, intelligent friends. But I've also returned to a city that I barely recognize. Once familiar streets are totally changed, new subway lines have been added that take me the destinations that didn't even exist 20 years ago, and all those familiar faces have moved into other lives. But the smell, the buzz, the way this city moves make me so comfortable. I feel like my pace of life was born here so my body and mind are relaxing in ways that hasn't happened in awhile. 

 That's what's fun about traveling to remain creatively inspired. When your brain stretches to experience something new it releases all these threads of ideas that turn into something later on. Excited to see where this leads. 



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