Myanmar Thoughts

- If you are in a vehicle with a horn, honk at anything passing you by
- Tip or Not to Tip - that is the question
- Solid Flip-flops and 3 foot washes a day are mandatory
- If flying internally in the country, have a waterproof suitcase
- Lemons are not lemons, they are limes - and fresh squeezed lime juice is a gift from above
- Curry, rice and vegetables is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, a jam sandwich with a fried egg on top is not
- Helmets are for suckers
- You can never have enough wi-fi, and when you don't have it, life is bad
- Grape-bread means bread with raisins
- Continuing to shower during a brown-out is actually really relaxing
- If pumpkin curry is on the menu, order it immediately (same goes for avocado milkshakes)
- French Fried aka French Fries, but watch out they might come full of chillis
- Foreigners only eat spaghetti, ham/cheese sandwiches or pizza according to all menus
- Only PERFECT U.S. $'s are accepted, but you will get khat for change from 1920.
- Having no rhythm or timing will not stop you from becoming a professional musician or dancer.
- Cows stop traffic as they wish, as so dogs.


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