See that doorway? Go through it...

This trip has had a lot of moments where I could have chosen and easy route and instead, in small ways, I have decided to challenge myself to take the route through the dark doorway that has led to some amazing moments.
From riding an e-bike in the dark to get to a sunrise view, to climbing a temple (much higher that I care to think about), it's these very small things that might not seem like accomplishments, but living a comfortable life in Canada often doesn't push me beyond my boundaries as travel does. Everyday, I am smiling and being reminded why journeys (even small ones) are important to both my mental and physical health. The constant stretching of those perceived boundaries is important to ensure they remain elastic.
Having said all this, I am sitting in a luxury hotel in Inle Lake after being served a gourmet breakfast, and am watching Tottenham on Sky Sports in an air-conditioned room while typing this via strong wi-fi. So not all of my trip is boundary pushing, but maybe just enough to keep coming back.


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