Water, Water, Everywhere

I am right now completed reliant on water and completing hating it after a week of traveling through Asia.  I've quickly realized how much it has dominated this visit in various ways.

1) We started our journey with a boat trip on the river from Mandalay to Bagan, witnessing countless villages, barges, and people all relying on this source of water for life. More than just a transportation highway, it was incredible to see how life was built around it.
2) We have been reliant on having to buy water in plastic bottles to drink. We counted no less than 13 bottles of water between 2 people over the course of 3 very hot days of sight-seeing. It pains me every time I have to buy and then get rid of a bottle - there has to be a better way for these countries!
3) We have been in the midst of "Thingyan", otherwise known as the "Water Festival" or the Burmese New Year. For 4 days, people are being doused with hoses, buckets full of water or the more gentle water gun, by anyone that dares to pass. They stop anyone that can reached and gleefully dump water anywhere they want on you. So far, I have been successful at keeping my cameras safe (barely), but my dry clothes/shoes are starting to dwindle down the more than I can keep up with.
4) We are now visiting Inle Lake, the Inlay region of Shan state. This region is reliant on the large body of water for both fishing, farming and tourism that draws people here. We are excited to get back on the water to see how this region works/lives compared to the middle part of the country.

It's amazing how much water is both a substance of life and a complete pain in the butt when you have to buy it in plastic or run from a hose about to douse you for the 10th time in the day.


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