We are our own tourist attraction

Today was amazing. Notwithstanding the usual 3pm heat headache, we toured around Bagan first in the morning on our e-bikes (which are AWESOME, I need one at home), and then with a traditional horse-cart for a sunset views of some other temple sights. I feel like you really can’t visit a place as historic as Bagan is without learning about the history and our guide, Tien-swye had studied physics, but gravitated towards geography and history. She is now a tour guide, with perfect English and an amazing knowledge of plants, rocks and general knowledge about Myanmar and all its people. I learned so much from the few hours that she spent with us, as was so happy to have her take us through some places we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
We also became our own tourist attraction today. When stopping along the road at a stall that sold puppets (a local tradition here), my travel companion who look a fair bit more western than me was asked to be in a tour groups selfies, one after another. And when she started playing to the camera with a big smile and thumbs up, she got a big cheer from everyone. Nothing like visiting a country as a tourist and becoming a pit stop yourself!


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