Costa Rica - Trust me it’s a sloth

Today was about spotting the wildlife of the northern part of Costa Rica. Spent the day with the eagle eyed tour company Canoa Adventure at Canyo Negro Wildlife Park. The animal spotting started within 15 minutes of the bus ride when the guide made everyone (including the 80-year old German grandmother) get off the bus to look at a tree at the side of the road. Apparently a sloth was visible to everyone but me. “See that part of the tree? You can see his back.” Nope. I didn’t. “Here, take my binoculars - see that furry thing?” Nope / no furry thing in the tree. All the cameras came out and everyone crowded around this fake sloth. I proceede to take photos of the people taking pictures of a sloth. 

I guess I can say I saw one to anyone that asked, at least I saw the tree it was living in. It was beautiful. Full of leaves, vines and lush. But the sloth? I guess it was cute - so I’m told. 
Off to Manuel Antonio where I’m told I’m guaranteed to see sloths. I’ll hold my breathe till then. 


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