Costa Rica - Spanglish fun

Have finally made it to Costa Rica after years of it being on my bucket list of countries. I’m not great about doing research before I land in a new country - I have no excuse for this. But I love being surprised about what I learn in the first few days. And with no research - everything is new to me! 
First of all I’m traveling with one of my oldest friends - which is so much fun - life has kept us from traveling a lot together so this is an extra treat. 
We have spent the last two days in La Fortuna at the base of the Arenal volcano (it used to be called a hill till 1968 when it started spewing ash and rocks). Checked off the list already are two jungle hikes, and zip lining - where I left my lungs somewhere along the way. 
So far traveling here is a well oiled machine. Due to the volume of tourists everything is easy, available and expensive. It’s not roughing it by any meNs but it’s still been an amazing few days. It feels very comfortable and familiar and I already know I’ll be back here again soon. Especially considering it costs the same to fly here as it did Vancouver. 


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