Day into Night into Day

Ayodya Resort, Bali - It's really hard to enjoy the view here
Traveling across to Asia is very interesting, and especially in Bali. Even though this is my first time here, everything feels so familiar. I think it's because the food, language and people are so similar to Malaysia I feel like I have met my long lost cousins. But I know I have barely scratched the surface of what this region is about. There are many more people to meet, culture and sights to explore. I keep hearing this is the arts centre of Indonesia and so far I have seen a lot of pride in the art here. I just feel like I need to dig a little deeper to find the inspirations that I was looking for. For now though, I am in jet lag recovery mode, so spending a little time in the water just floating my travels away.
However,  I was reminder today that Toronto is not as far as I might have thought - caught the sight of a pretty familiar skyline in a Japanese department store window and was asked by our massage girls if we knew Justin Bieber. Love you Canada!


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