Moments Before Travel

I am blessed to have met some amazing people in my life - and when I planned my birthday "free photoshoot day" all I wanted to do was spend as much time with as many people as possible. 
What I didn't expect was the love that was shared amongst everyone that day. It reminded me how closely we are connected and sometimes it take a chance meeting to re-connect. 
And all these people care. A lot. 
They cared to share a moment in front of the camera. They cared to donate to a cause that was close to me.  They cared to show up spend a moment celebrating one of my moments. They cared that I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate my birthday and for that I am grateful. These are some of the people that I'll think fondly of far in the future and I'll have these photos to remind me of great moments spent together - caring together. I am forever richer for these moments.


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