I was 1 month shy of my 10th birthday. All of my childhood was packed into a shipping container and was on it's way across an ocean to a destination that I would soon call home. I was lucky to travel quite a bit internationally, but the adventure of living in Asia was unthinkable to me at this age. All I had to look forward to was a crumpled brochure of my new school that showcased a photo of the swimming pool and regular swim classes. Apparently that's all my parents needed to convince me that this was a great move for our family from small town Ontario.

The impact that Asia has had on my life is immeasurable, which is why in a few weeks I'll be excited to touch down and experience some of it again.  I'm one of those fortunate travelers that pretty much feels at home wherever I go, but there is a deep seeded pull to these countries that I can't wait to feel.

But more importantly, to the topic of this post, I'm excited to experience Asia through the lens of my camera in a new way. Even though I grew up photographing these countries, I know that there are details that are new and unfamiliar to me that will draw my attention. I'll be spending my time country hopping - only spending a few days at a time (at most) in cities and locations. But I can't wait to share some of the sights/experiences along the way.

My first stop will be Bali and the visit to the Jodie O'shea orphanage. My batteries are charged (literally) and I'm ready to take off.


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